Liner Replacement Process

Pool Liner Replacement Process

Pool Measuring

First, your swimming pool must be completely drained and cleaned thoroughly so we may begin the measuring process or your water has to be crystal clear so that we can measure your slopes and break points. This is the most important step in pool liner replacement, as it must be precisely measured out by a professional pool company to determine factors like corner radius, depth and slopes.

Once all measurements are complete, we can determine which liners will be available for your swimming pool and the installation of your new liner can begin.

Pool Liner Removal

Your old liner must be cut into strips, rolled up and removed, and properly disposed of. Along your pool wall, the liner must be cut around gaskets and fitting, which must later also be removed. There may be excess bits of liner underneath them, which must also be cleaned out and disposed of.

Pool Foundation Inspection

Once the liner is completely removed, the condition of your pool walls and floor needs to be evaluated. Are there any cracks, holes, or rust marks? If so, they must be repaired before your new pool liner can be installed. Any sand or debris must be completely removed and your swimming pool needs to be cleaned meticulously.


New Pool Liner Installation

Weather permitting, the installation of your new pool liner can begin. Using the markers on the liner, it will be fitted into your swimming pool accordingly, beginning at the shallow end and working into the deep end. This process generally takes a few people because of the size and weight of the liner. Once the liner is fitted properly, it may be installed into the track all the way around the swimming pool, and any air under the liner must be vacuumed out to create an airtight seal between it and the foundation.

Water Filling

Once your new pool liner is completely installed, new water may be filled carefully while the air vacuum continues to run. It is extremely important that this process is handled by a professional to avoid any sliding and shifting of your pool liner. Once there is about 6 inches of pool water filled above the surface of the shallow end, the vacuum can be shut off and removed.

At this point our professionals will remove the vacuums and then your pool may then continue to be filled to the surface, your water must be tested and treated, and your brand new swimming pool will be ready for use.

Pool Measure

Measuring your pool for a custom fit is the most important part of the process.   

As you can see from the drawing beside there are alot details that we submit to the manufacturer when we order your liner. 

In order to be able to measure your pool properly we need the following conditions. 

The Pool Must be Clear so that we can see the bottom of your pool slopes etc. 


Your pool must be drained. 

There is a Charge of $150 if we have to drain your pool so we can measure the pool.

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