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Frequently Asked Questions

What thickness of Vinyl are your liners?

We only use 30Mil Liner material, certain liners we can order in a thicker material.   Selections are limited though. 

Which is cheaper to fill my pool, hose or water truck?

In comparisson, both are relatively the same in price, water truck is faster, and you have to pay up front, where as the hose is slower but you pay for it later. 

Do you guarantee against Wrinkles?

When we install your liner, we work out and adjust your liner so that there are no wrinkes before we start filling your pool with water.

How long should a liner last?

The length your liner will last all depends on you and how you care for your pools.   Water Chemistry plays the biggest role.   Properly maintained pool we have seen 25-30 years life of a line, poorly maintained 2-3 years.

Do I have to pay for a pool measure?

If you are ordering your new replacement pool liner from us, than we include your measure in the purchase of the liner. 

How long does it take to have my pool liner installed?

Once we measure your pool, you have decided on your liner pattern, and we submit the order, it takes roughly 3 weeks.

What does warrantees cover?

Face it the liner manufacturers warranty covers manufacturing defects only.   If a seam lets go etc, they will fix or replace it.   Wrinking from poor water chemistry, ground water, holes, etc are not covered.

What about repairs to my pool.

When we remove your liner we will see what condition your pool is in. Minor repairs we will do while there, anything major we will discuss with you and quote you a price. 

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