Swimming Pool Liner Replacement and Installation

Niagara’s #1 trusted new swimming pool liner installers.   We specialize in supplying high quality swimming pool liners as well as installation and replacement servicing the Niagara Region including St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake, Welland, Port Colborne, Grimsby and all areas between.

Pool Liners

We Specialize in Swimming New Pool Liners and Swimming Pool Liner Replacement!

No Hidden Fees

Our Price is our price, we do not present you a surprise bill at the end of the job!   We are straight forward and upfront with you on what it is going to cost and what is included.    We do not like shady business!


High Quality Materials

Our liners are made from highest quality 30 Mil Liner material.   We do not substitute lesser quality to get a sale.   As well our liners are backed by Extensive Manufacturers Warranties.  We only sell a product we would be willing to have in our own pools! 


We have the fastest turn around time in the industry.   While other companies take 8-10 weeks we need three weeks from time of order to time of install.   The fastest in the region.

Local Suppliers

Our Swimming Pool Liners and Safety Covers are made Locally and in Southern Ontario.   

We believe in supporting our local community and will work hard to keep our money locally where possible!

Whats Included

No Hidden Fee Liner Replacement!  

No Measuring Fees

Where other companies will charge you $150 or more to measure your pool for your new liner, we include this with the purchase of your new pool liner. 

Face Plates and Gaskets Included

You have a beautiful new pool liner finished off with new faceplates and gaskets.

Talk to a Expert Swimming Pool Liner Installer  

When you are looking for a new pool liner, talk to the specialists.  Our Pool Liner Installers have years of experience and are here to help you.   We are here to help you with your pool liner replacement.


Safety Covers

The Ultimate Winter Cover!

No more tarps and water bags, speed your spring opening and winter closings with a new Safety Cover. 

Heavy Duty Hardware that lasts!

Re-enforced Stitching

High Quality mesh Material

Extensive Manufacturers Warranty

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

I have never seen a company so efficient and so attentive to detail.  Not to mention very personable.   They really know what they are doing.   And the results were outstanding.   As well their suggestions were right on.  I am so impressed with my new liner.

Dominic V.

Niagara Falls

So fast!  We called Niagara Pool Liners looking for a quote.  We came to an agreed upon price and I was told roughly 3 weeks for my new liner.   9 days later my new liner was installed.  The service was impeccable. I highly recommend this company.

Ann B.

Fort Erie

We purchased our house in the winter, when we opened our pool we found the liner was shot.   We called Rob and his crew who worked with us as we were tight for money.   Had it not been for his kindness we would have had 3 upset kids with no pool that summer. 

Jim and Tina


State of the Art Pool liner measuring Software 

Computerized Measuring for a perfect fit!

 We use state of the art software to measure your pool which is then downloaded into a CAD program to design your pool liner for a perfect fit.   




Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Mission

We have one mission, and that is to provide an outstanding product backed with outstanding service.   While other companies are worried about profit margins, and the bottom line, our only concern is providing excellence. 

Customer Service Guarantee

We guarantee top of line products, along with top of the line service, that is friendly, respectful, and non-intrusive.     We understand we are imposing on you and your home and will do everything we can to make the experience pleasant!

See what A Pool Liner Install Specialist can do for you!

Call us today and see what we can do for you.   Unlike other companies that are about sales and profits, we are about making you the customer happy, and if we make some money on the way, life is good!

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